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Who is UHMG?

UHMG stands for Uganda Health Marketing Group and is one of the leading health Social Marketing organizations in Uganda. UHMG is mandated to deliver a Goodlife to all Ugandans through provision of quality health care services and products.

It is very good for employers and employees to be busy. But what exactly keeps them very busy is the question I have been investigating close to one year now. With this era of social media, it is estimated that employees spend 75% of their productive time on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, mention it.

This morning, I happened to interact with a CEO from a leading institution. This is was my conversation.

In furtherance to the provisions of the Anti-money Laundering (AML) Act, 2013 Government of Uganda established the Finan­cial Intelligence Authority (FIA) to among others, identify and freeze funds and property linked to or suspected to be linked to terrorism and it’s financing.

A single gene that coordinates a network of about 400 genes involved in epilepsy could be a target for new treatments, according to research. Epilepsy is a common and serious disease that affects 1 in 200 people.

With over 70 years’ experience of dedicated service, Davis & Shirtliff has consistently provided quality service in water and solar energy products.

How do you transform an economy where over 80% of the population live in rural areas and are engaged in agriculture? That is the challenge we are fixing here at PostBank, by investing in innovative financial products and services that promote accessible banking for all.

There are few brands that you can trust when it comes to water and energy products. In Uganda, one such brand is Davis & Shirtliff. After 60 years of dedicated service in the region and 18 years in Uganda, D&S has consistently provided quality services in water and energy solutions.

The company’s unmatched experience has gained the trust of Ugandans.

A visit to D&S’s head office at Kitgum house tells it all: the place is a beehive of activities.

According to Ephraim Wainaina, D&S’s managing director, “More than 70 per cent of our jobs are from our satisfied customers’ recommendations. Since 1996, we have been supplying the local market with high-quality water equipment sourced from some of the leading suppliers across the globe. This is complemented by a team of highly-trained and professional staff that specifies products and fixes these items.”

In response to increasing demand, D&S opened up three other branches in Mbarara, Gulu and Nakasero. The company has a specialized team of 21 engineers, six of whom are stationed at upcountry branches. This ensures fast turnaround and customer care. D&S is a customer-centric company and this focus has seen us grow. When someone buys from them, chances of repeat business are high.

To this end, Davis & Shirtliff has set up mobile technical teams on standby to respond to customer requests for help at a short notice. This, Wainaina says, is a game changer: “We are mobile. We do have field engineers who are equipped with tools and knowledge to attend to customer requests in any part of the country. Last week, we fixed a large water pump in Kabale. We have fixed swimming pools, boreholes, water treatment plants in Mbale, Soroti, Iganga and in other parts of this country. Customers are now comfortable dealing with us because they know distance is not an issue. We will deliver and fix in time regardless of location in Uganda.”

Headquartered in Kenya, D&S business activities are focused on six principal product sectors: water pumps, boreholes, swimming pools, water treatment, generators and equipment.

According to Wainaina, D&S offers comprehensive and competitive product range with national availability and unrivalled technical and service support. He further adds that the company’s market cuts across, from those seeking pumps, solar, swimming pools equipment for domestic use to those seeking large equipments for domestic and commercial use.

With the water solutions market projected to grow at a rate of more than 20 per cent per annum on the back of a fast-growing and modernizing population and demand for better services. Mr. Wainaina says his company is well positioned to meet this demand.

According to the company’s products manual, the company boasts of over 2,000 products and spare parts for these products are in a range of 10,000.Such a wide portfolio gives D&S mileage over competitors.

The company works with world’s renowned suppliers including GE Water and Process Technologies to provide bestselling range of domestic cartridge filters, potable water plants, ultra-violet disinfection units, softeners, reverse osmosis and ultra filtration plants and chemical dosers as well as specialist chemicals to provide “the water you want from the water you have!”

Considering the poor water sources in most homesteads, this is a winning solution.

The challenge: Some health centres delay to send their requests for medicines and only do so when they are out of stock. This causes a mismatch between demand and supply of ARVs and HIV laboratory testing equipment.

The solution: To ensure efficiency and timely delivery of the products, JMS developed a delivery schedule divided into four zones.

In Uganda, we have a situation whereby people put in systems for the sake of it. To the outsiders, you think the system is working when actually it is not functional. As they say, the fish starts rotting from the head, when it comes to governance; it also starts rotting from the head. If the quality of the Board is not good, the organization will not succeed.