China wipes out Uganda in regional fish market

According to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, Uganda continues to lose its regional fish market to the Chinese as the latter’s fish exports continue to flood East Africa in spite of their distance.

In a report published by the agency, over US$22m was spent on fish imports in 2017 growing form the US$10m back in 2016. This increment in fish imports is as a result of the deficit realised in Kenya as the country requires a million tones of fish annually. They only produce 200,000 tonnes leaving a deficit of up to 800,000.

Previously, much of this deficit was imported from Uganda, Tanzania and India. However, China exported over 357,000 tonnes of tilapia worth US$11m into Kenya at a far cheaper price than that of Uganda, giving them competitive advantage.

Other countries like Tanzania also imported a massive US$8m of fish from China. Uganda’s market continues to narrow moreover to a business partner in China.

April 24th, 2018 | by

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