The Public Procurement Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA), will this month launch the eGovernment Procurement portal, a web-based system that will see a migration away from the hand delivery of bids to government agencies.

At least 60 per cent of government revenue is spent on various projects, most of which are done through the public procurement process.

e-government procurement system designed to empower public bodies to better manage public procurement.
The general public will also be able to access the “Government Procurement Portal” in terms of the planned procurement plans of each government department, successful bids, the cost of the bids, blacklisted bidders and the database of all registered service providers

Ms Cornelia Sabiiti, the executive director PPDA, told reporters on Monday that the new system will reduce the cost of procurement for both the government and service provider.

“eGP will ensure transparency by allowing technology rather than people to do some of the processes, eliminating the interface between suppliers and Public Procurement and Disposal Entities (PDEs), which has been one of the commonest mediums that has allowed corruption to fester,” Ms Sabiiti points out.
“When you open up and take the process online, the temptation to pad people in the system for favours becomes harder. This makes it cheaper for the service provider because all bids are available online and will be looked at fairly,” she adds.

PPDA joins government agencies such as URA, which adopted e-tax five years ago and the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) that started the process of computerisation in 2013/14.

The rollout of the online procurement model will only start with a few government entities and thereafter, it will be a phased approach at least until 2019.

Source: Daily Monitor


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