You have to come up with a viable activity where we shall give back to the community else you will score a zero in that parametron in your appraisal!” This is what my manager told me on that cold Monday morning. I had been hit by the heavy morning downpour. My clothes drenched in the cold drizzle stuck to my skin almost like glue and totally ruined my morning. In that state thinking about giving back to the community was the last thing I wanted to do, instead I needed someone to take care of myself.

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Managing risk in line with strategic objectives is every board’s critical role. As risk management function evolves to become a core area of business practice driven by the board, it is important to empower individual staff at the company level to be risk champions in their department. This calls for automated risk management processes and regular trainings of staff.

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Visiting a technical institution (one that is focused on mechanics and engineering) in Uganda can be a mixed experience. I imagine the same can be said about many other countries around the world.

I have been to campuses that have state-of-the-art lab equipment with dedicated staff, and I have also been to others that barely have enough textbooks in their libraries and lab equipment from the 1980s.

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