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We are organizing the 1st Annual Cyber Security and Risk Management (CSRM) conference because a lot has changed in the cyber space.

We need a conversation with leaders across board on how to proactively anticipate and manage risk which is attendant to automation. We are dealing in an era of artificial intelligence, big data and advanced analytics. So if you are not able to go deep into that area as a financial institution, a telecom company and regardless of any business, you are excessively overexposed because the era of automation is upon us.  

As we talk all most every business is powered by technology and computers in the field of operations. You can’t therefore sit back because the risk landscape, things that prevent your business from achieving its objectives have also changed. The leaders must bring the conservation to the level of the Board as well as senior management team to ask what might happen to the systems and cause business failure. And that is the conversation the conference brings on the table. Register to attend

You have had stories about Equifax and many other businesses whose systems have been hacked. Even organizations that run critical missions have also been attacked. The current case in the United States were over 150m credit cards and National Social Security Fund numbers of citizens are in the hands of cyber criminals. It means that you are not safe. You do not know when the attack will come but it is better to anticipate it. The landscape and space for cyberattacks have changed significantly and people need to know from a practical point of view by real professionals.


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