Of the 16 public limited companies listed on the all share index, eight are owned by Kenyan based companies or owners.

National Social Security Fund of Uganda has the most influence in the counters closely followed by Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development.

Contrary, the top three firms are Ugandan based firms. New Vision Limited, National Insurance Corporation, and Uganda Clays Limited lead the charts respectively. These might not have the highest market caps but these shares are balanced favorably for a Ugandan investor.

Of all the companies on USE’s All Share Index, only Bank of Baroda (BOBU), NIC and NVL have Ugandans or local companies exclusively as the top three shareholders. They are closely followed by Uganda Clays with two local shareholders, with the third surprisingly being Kenya’s Central Bank of Kenya Employee Pension Fund. As you can see, companies are making cross-border investments in Uganda’s most profitable companies as the local are deep asleep.

However, the shareholders that earn the most off the profits of their companies are those of Kenya Commercial Bank with a dividend yield of up to 9.41 percent closely followed by New Vision’s 9.26 percent and NMG’S 8.7 percent. Kenya Airways and Uchumi dividend yields were not exposed as BATU’s lay at the bottom with just about 0.53 percent.

Uganda Clays’ shareholders have the least risk on their shares as the company had the least liabilities reported as of June 2017 half year financials. It was closely followed by NVL, British American Tobacco Uganda, and NIC respectively. Again another portion where the local companies dominated. They are the safest shares you can have in the market per se.

Other indicators that Summit Business Analytics studied were the Market capitalization and earnings per share which were championed by BATU and Jubilee Holdings Limited. BATU has a market capitalization of up to Ugx. 1.47 trillion closely followed by Umeme’s Ugx. 1.41 trillion.

All in all, it’s safe to say, New Vision’s share looks to be catching the eye of many an investor with its stability and security.


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